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Adelstein & Company provides this web site for Educational Purposes and to give potential new customers the opportunity to get to know us at their leisure. For in-town buyers, we are happy to make an appointment so they might view the diamonds after determining the ones in which they are interested. Seeing the diamond first hand is absolutely the best way to buy diamonds.

Buying diamonds by long distance can be somewhat difficult. We work on small profit margins and cannot take a chance on any mistakes in shipping or receiving payments. Because of the high value associated with such a small item, the potential for fraud is great. Our goal is to keep prices low, therefore, for the good of our valued customers we require payment in full before shipping diamonds.

On certified and other larger diamonds, we accept payment in the form of wire transfer, cashiers check, money order or personal checks. Using wire transfer, your purchase can be processed immediately and your diamond shipped to you within 24 hours, or if the stone is being set, immediately upon completion of your mounting. With checks, diamonds and mountings are sent after the checks have cleared the bank.

Adelstein & Company offers a 14-day money back diamond guarantee. Of course, the setting and labor are not refundable. We have a lifetime trade-up policy.  Adelstein & Company will allow full credit of the purchase price, less any tax, as trade towards another diamond at least 50% more in price (provided the trade-in diamond is in original condition and has not been chipped or damaged).  You must present the original sales ticket at the time of the upgrade.  The trade-in value is applicable on the center diamond.  The mounting and accent diamonds are excluded. 

If you wish to return the diamond for any reason, call us within 14 days for a confirmation code. Ship only via U. S. Postal Service by Registered Mail. Insure the shipment for the full value of the purchase.

For other diamond and colored stone jewelry, please call to discuss payment.

We highly recommend that you immediately insure your new diamond jewelry purchase by scheduling it on your homeowner’s policy. This should be in the form of an all-risk rider that covers theft, loss, mysterious disappearance, etc. This is a very common practice and your insurance agent will be familiar with this procedure.


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